Happier, Healthier, You


Happier, Healthier, You

Have you been from therapist to therapist with no success in feeling any better ?

Are you struggling with weight management and want to try hypnosis to reprogram your minds relationship with food?

Do you have a fear or phobia that is controlling your life or want to improve your public speaking skills?

Are you looking for deeper spiritual meaning and purpose in your life?

Hypnotherapy may be for you. Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy that involves focused attention in a relaxed state that allows you to reprogram the mind on a subconscious level. It's what science calls neuroplasticiy which is the ability of the brain to form new connections and pathways and change how its circuits are wired. The process involves the mind’s own natural abilities to help with a variety of concerns having rapid psychological results in a few session.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."
- William James

Here are some things we might run into that Hypnotherapy can support in making positive life-altering changes;

Stress management – Anxiety – Depression – Finding forgiveness ­– Headaches ­– Helplessness – Insomnia – Jealousy – Self-confidence – Healing from a break-up – Loss & grief – Finding trust again – Emotional eating – Negative thoughts – Lack of ambition – Breaking bad habits – Fears & phobias – Weight loss ­– Career success – Concentration – Public speaking – Control food cravings – Exam anxiety – Nail biting – Perfectionism – Spiritual exploration – Increase spiritual connection

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to support you every step of the way! From us to you, Tihana Deanovic, Founder & Director of Spiritlicious

With personalized attention for all your needs, below you will find three distinct approaches to Hypnotherapy that will get you back on track to living the life of your dreams!


Breaking Bad Habits and Fears

In these sessions, we will work to address current issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, pain relief, and self-improvement (i.e. breaking bad habits, fears and phobias, confidence building, public speaking, sports performance.) and more!


Physical, Mental, Emotional

In this evidence-based approach, we will work to solve current concerns by focusing on the health of the entire mind, body, spirit with hypnotherapy. Looking at diet, exercise, relationships, career, sleep patterns and emotional wellness.


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Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Become Your Higher Self 

This multi-leveled approach helps guide you to discover, explore and implement your spiritual self. Topics explored cover astral travel, chakra clearing, cord cutting, connecting to your guides, multi-dimensional awareness and more.

Want to take your healing to the next level?

Check out Past Life Therapy It's a great compliment to any Hypnotherapy session and can be combined into your session for accelerated results!

Let's connect on a 30 minute discovery call to figure out your wellness goals today!

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Insurance Coverage

Did you know that hypnotherapy is a technique used in Psychotherapy? Similar to other modalities like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy these are techniques that psychotherapist can use to support their clients. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered under your workplace or personal plan prior to booking your session. Below are a few insurance companies that we have seen accept psychotherapy coverage. For more information click here.

We look forward to working with you.
- Spiritlicous