CustomLish | Session

CustomLish | Session

Are you wanting to take your healing to the next level?

Ready to awaken to your Higher Self?

In this CustomLish session, your healing journey is in your hands to create really anything you want! Not sure where to begin? An intake session is a great place to start! Remember, as you shift and grow so do your sessions. And what a great place to start your healing journey other than with our CustomLISH session. Did you feed your body today?

Helping You:

~ With anything you really want!

Are you ready to AWAKEN your Mind, Body, and Spirit?


60 minutes


Pick any 2 practices from the 6 Professional practices below and we can get started on creating your CustomLish session;

Nutrition Therapy
Mindfulness & Meditation Therapy
Past & Future Life Therapy
Reiki & Chakra Healing Therapy


Book your session online or email us at and we’ll get you a spot on this fantastic session! Looking forward to working with you in creating your dreams!


1 session per person
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Book Today! Limited spots available to offer our full attention to you with a single practitioner.