BodyLove | Session

BodyLove | Session

Are you tired of watching your weight go up and down with no improvement?

Are you choosing the foods you eat or is food choosing you?

More so than not it may seem we find ourselves slipping into undesirable food habits when we so desperately want to make improved changes. By identifying the profound, and complex ways food currently impacts your life and moods we are able to uncover a deep inner peace and freedom with food and your body – reprogramming your relationship with food from the subconscious level. In this introductory session we work to address current nutritional concerns with evidence-base techniques for diet, lifestyle, and your relationship with our body.

This special BodyLOVE session is designed to help you find the determination to lead a balanced and healthier life by uncovering the hidden conversations you’re having with your body. We start working with lifting your mood to overcome your cravings and start to learn life-lasting techniques so you can begin to feel more relaxed and able to resist indulgences that are taking you away from your sexy! And yes. You are sexy! Each session lasts just under an hour and together are designed to maintain your body’s size at its desired sexy levels.

All you need to do is sit back and relax with this BodyLOVE session as we work through giving you the tools and power to break free from negative food patterns and start to experience positive, proactive food thoughts with your mind and body. Remember, as you shift and grow so do your sessions. And what a great place to start your healing journey other than with our BodyLOVE session.
Helping You:

~ Feel energized to achieve a healthier body
~ Stay positive, focused, and confident
~ Feel better and start to love your body
~ Enjoy a healthier and balanced diet and lifestyle

Are you ready to LOVE your Body and step into your sexy?


60 minutes


Nutrtition + Mindfulness Practice Approaches
2 sessions in 1 package

With a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher! #qualified


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1 session per person
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